New Quarries Lodge of Mark Master Masons

The 1903 Mark Token


The Mark Token of the New Quarries Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1903 E.C.

The New Quarries Lodge of MMM is in various aspects, rather special. It not only encompasses members from many countries and jurisdictions, most of them not English-language ones, but also meets in different places of (Central) Europe.

The lodge also had the objects it uses in lodge made by or directly bought from, operative workshops.

Its token, too, is not an off-the-shelf product. It was designed by the Lodge’s “Master Artist”, Bro. Johann W., a renown Austrian visual artist (painter, sculptor, and creator of stained-glass windows), and cast in – polished – bronze by an artisan founder.

On the obverse, the 1903 Mark Token carries the name of the degree, the abbreviated name and number of the lodge, and the ouroboros reflecting the transcultural traditions of Freemasonry. On the reverse it depicts the ‘Europa’ reflecting the (Central) European vocation of the Lodge. One of the tangible expressions of the European character of the lodge is the final hymn of all lodge proceedings which is always the European Anthem (with the lyrics of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, by Friedrich Schiller, containing the sentence “All humans become brothers”).

In case you are interested in and entitled to, acquiring the Mark Token of NQL (at €50 plus p&p), please refer to the Lodge Secretary at


Last revised: August 2023